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There are over 200 successful executive search projects in different industries in our portfolio.
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Executive Search
Head Capital uses a variety of modern methods and tools for candidate attraction and selection. We use an all-inclusive and flexible approach to each clients case and offer the most efficient solutions to given challenges.
Our expertise and ability to use modern recruitment technologies enables us to use different approaches to the search process depending on the level the position and specific of the project.
Executive search requires a detailed study of the market, identifying the most suitable professionals who are able to respond to the challenges our clients face. These projects have a highly confidential status and are not intended to be announced in the open media.
Executive search methods are as follows:
Market analysis to identify and develop a long-list of key companies where professionals of a suitable profile are most likely to be employed
Usage of our own professional network in order to identify the most highly skilled professionals in the market
Establishing contact with prospective candidates to determine their qualifications and potential interest in the proposed positions
Holding in-depth interviews with qualified and interested candidates and subsequently providing a written report to the client on the most suitably qualified candidates
Organising meetings between candidates and the client company
Assisting in candidate evaluation of their final selection using techniques such as Talent Mapping
Assisting in the organisation of Assessment Centres where this service is needed
Assisting in negotiations related to compensation and other issues leading to positive outcomes for the candidate-client negotiation process
Checking recommendations and feedback on successful candidates
Assisting in preparation of job offers and other related documents for successful candidates
Maintenance of the relationship with recruited candidates to ensure that their adaptation to the company is successfu
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