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Management Selection
Management Selection involves searching for candidates from 3 to 5 management levels, according to the company's organizational structure.
After a detailed discussion of the company structure with the client, its market position, its future plans, and its requirements for the description of the desired employee and the available position, we start the search.
Following the presentation to the potential candidate of information on opportunities with our client, whose identity is not disclosed at this stage, we gauge the level of interest of the candidate for participation in the project. In case of interest, candidates are invited to a personal meeting and / or further telephone negotiations. The aim of the interview is to present the client to the candidate and to collect the maximum possible information about the candidate, including the ability to work under certain conditions as well as suitability to the company's corporate culture.
On average, we contact between 80 and 100 potential candidates during the initial negotiations, and from these, 10 to 20 are invited for a personal interview.
Based on the result of a personal meeting, we make the final decisions as to which of the potential candidates will be presented to the client. For each candidate we prepare an interview report, which includes a detailed evaluation of the candidate and his/her professional experience. For each position we usually present from 4 to 6 candidates.
If our client is not satisfied with the presented candidates, we carefully study the reasons for this with the client, and, if necessary, conduct a new search, taking into account the information obtained.
At the request of the client, we can also collect confidential recommendations. We provide full assistance to the parties in organizing meetings, exchange of ideas, communication and discussion of job offers.
We also provide: assistance for candidate evaluation and the final selection of candidates; reference checks; feedback on successful candidates; assistance at assessment centres; and assistance in negotiations over remuneration packages and other issues leading to positive outcomes for the candidate-client negotiation process.
We regularly update our clients at each stages of their projects. We also inform clients of any new information that may affect the course or outcome of the project.
Management selection methodology involves the use of media resources for attraction of candidates, as well as existing candidate databases. Most of the projects, however, are performed by direct search and the use of a wide network of contacts in the business environment, which advances efficiency of the search process to a level comparable with that of the executive search
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