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In this section you will find information about the vacancies Head Capital consultants are currently working on. The list is updated on a daily basis. After choosing the most suitable offer from the list and familiarizing yourself with the job description, you may e-mail your resume to us.
Under each job description you will find information of consultants responsible for the vacancies of your interest.
Since most of our recruitment projects aim Russian locals and/or require knowledge of Russian the full set of vacancies is published in the Russian version of the web site.
Please, pay attention that some of our vacancies are highly confidential and we do not post them in our site. Yet, if you would like we to consider your professional experience in our search, we recommend you to e-mail your resume to us:

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Date: 08.02.2019



Head Capital:
Москва, 105120, ул. Ниж. Сыромятническая, д. 10,
ARTPLAY, корпус 2, 7 этаж, «Рабочая станция»
About   Services   Vacancies   Our Clients   Blog Head Capital